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My ‘wake my face up’ travel makeup essentials 

With a long commute to work ahead, I have been trying to figure out ways of saving some time in the morning as sometimes that extra 10 minutes in bed is EVERYTHING (especially in the colder months).

One of those ways is to do my makeup on my journey!

I’m not one to wear huge amounts of makeup, just enough to cover the dark circles under my eyes and to generally brighten up my face.

So, here are my travel essentials 

  • My small makeup bag from Savers £1.50
  • Sleek Face Form, contouring and blush palette in Medium £9.99 on a day to day basis I only use a touch of highlighter and blush from this palette. For me contouring is for my nights out 
  • NYX Stay Matte not Flat powder foundation £10 for all over the face 
  • Far left Techniques contouring brush to apply highlighter and blush 
  • Primark Stippling brush £1.50 used if I’m adding some concealer to my undereyes
  • Miss Sporty Fabulous Eyes glossy shadow in 160 Peanut Butter used only on the inside  corners of my eyes to give them a little pop 
  • Green People Volumising mascara in black for both top and bottom lashes 
  • Maybelline Brow Stain in Dark Brown £5.99 to fill in my brows 
  • Essence XXXL nude lipgloss £1.50 to add a slight shimmer and brightening to my lips 

I’m hoping to get my face beat by the time the first part of my journey (20min bus ride to the station) is complete. 

Wish me luck!!

My hair is another story but I’m hoping to incorporate that in to my journey too in to the near future but I will keep you posted 😬


Surviving a daily commute…my commuters survival kit so far…

Up until now I have had the luxury of driving to and from work, albeit sometimes up to 3hrs each way but  in the comfort of my own car with my own space and my own company. My biggest concern was to have enough petrol in my car and a working Apple iPhone charger lead.

Things are about to change for me, with a new job in the city my journey to work will include a short walk to the bus stop, a 20 minute bus journey to the train station, a 25 minute train ride in to the city followed by a further 25 minute underground trip to my office location. 

My first instinct was to google ‘a commuters survival kit’ to see the kinds of things I should be travelling with to make my commute a little easier. Who knew you basically have to pack everything but the kitchen sink!

Here’s a list of things that I have purchased that I feel will be essential for my journey;

  • A work bag that can be worn two ways,either with handles or across the body with a removable strap – Primark £10
  • Flat loafer shoes with a comfy rubber sole  – Shoezone £12
  • Scarf, hat and gloves for the winter season 
  • Packet of tissues – Savers 8 pack for £1 
  • Plasters – Savers 40 for 85p
  • Painkillers – Savers 40p
  • Hand sanitiser (travel size) – Primark 50p
  • Portable phone charger – Lidl £6
  • Small purse – Primark £1 (sale item)
  • Small makeup bag – Savers £1.50
  • Compact mirror doubles up as a compact hair brush – Savers £1
  • Twist up lid water bottle – Robert Dyers £2.99 (sale item)

I’m sure there’s more items that I will need to add to my kit as I become more of an experienced commuter but for now my bag is packed and I’m ready for my new experience.

Look out for my next blog post about the make up items inside my commuters makeup bag to save myself some time in the morning.

Rowhill Grange Spa- A date with me, myself and I

If like me you need some ‘me’ time to pamper yourself and recharge then Rowhill Grange is the perfect place to do this.

Initially I was a bit hesitant to go, not only was it a spa I had never been to before, but it was the first time I was going to a spa alone. I like my own company, usually at home in my own environment where I feel comfortable, but at the start of summer 16′ I told myself I need to do more things I love with myself,not relying on my husband or friends for company.

I had a lot of recommendations for Alexander Hotel and Spa in West Sussex and whilst browsing their user friendly and informative website I noticed they had a another hotel and spa in Kent, which is closer to where I live.

A spur of the moment booking online and my spa day was confirmed for a ‘half day’ spa at Rowhill Grange the following day, with my carefully selected 11am arrival time so I could give myself plenty of time in the morning to avoid rush hour traffic.

My ‘half day’ booking was £109 and included;

4 hour use of spa facilities

One 40 minute treatment (I chose the back,shoulder and neck massage inc complimentary scalp massage)

2 course lunch, afternoon tea or dinner depending on your chosen time of arrival (I chose the 2 course lunch)

You do of course have options to add extras at the time of booking but I felt this was enough for me with the time I would have at the spa.

I was pleasantly surprised at the location of Rowhill Grange tucked away off a main road with acres of beautiful grounds around it for you to take a walk around should you wish to. There was plenty of parking available, a few short steps away from the spa which was sign posted to find your way in to reception easily.

I was greeted with pleasant reception staff who confirmed my booking and gave me an itinerary of my spa day;

11am arrival

12pm treatment

1pm 2 course lunch

3pm use of spa ends

I was shown around the facilities and given a towel,bathrobe and locker for use for the day. The changing area was modern and clean with plenty of extra clean towels to use. There where also flannels,cotton buds,cotton pads,hairdryers and hair straighteners available in the changing area.

The first hour was used swimming in their beautiful pool located on the second floor of the spa, followed by use of their Japanese pool and jacuzzi located on the first floor. These pools where surrounded by roman inspired decor, simply pleasant and relaxing on the eye.


I was now ready for my treatment. Layla my designated therapist  carried out the most amazing back,shoulder and neck massage. Carefully tailored to ease the knots in my shoulders which was discussed in a short consultation followed by a complimentary scalp massage. I was given aftercare advice and left feeling like I was walking on air,distressed and de-knotted.

I took some time out to sink in to their bed loungers in the relaxation area until I was ready for my lunch.

Lunch was served in the restaurant, still snug in my robe I thought I might feel uncomfortable dining on my own but I was fine. I ordered a glass of wine which was to be added to my check out bill and was served with my first course, pea soup. The soup was delicious and served with complementary bread rolls,always a great combo! Followed shortly by my second course of Sea Bass which was gorgeous. The waiting staff where very polite and efficient which made dining for 1 that little bit more comfortable.

Lunch over, I had enough time to use the pools again followed by the steam room and sauna, this time use of all the facilities to myself as most guests had left after lunch.

Showered and dressed I checked out,clearing the wine bill. £109 seemed a bit steep at booking stage for 4 hours but my conclusion, it was worth every penny and just the right amount of time.

I will most certainly be back for more pampering, relaxation, delicious food and excellent service.





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