Up until now I have had the luxury of driving to and from work, albeit sometimes up to 3hrs each way but  in the comfort of my own car with my own space and my own company. My biggest concern was to have enough petrol in my car and a working Apple iPhone charger lead.

Things are about to change for me, with a new job in the city my journey to work will include a short walk to the bus stop, a 20 minute bus journey to the train station, a 25 minute train ride in to the city followed by a further 25 minute underground trip to my office location. 

My first instinct was to google ‘a commuters survival kit’ to see the kinds of things I should be travelling with to make my commute a little easier. Who knew you basically have to pack everything but the kitchen sink!

Here’s a list of things that I have purchased that I feel will be essential for my journey;

  • A work bag that can be worn two ways,either with handles or across the body with a removable strap – Primark £10
  • Flat loafer shoes with a comfy rubber sole  – Shoezone £12
  • Scarf, hat and gloves for the winter season 
  • Packet of tissues – Savers 8 pack for £1 
  • Plasters – Savers 40 for 85p
  • Painkillers – Savers 40p
  • Hand sanitiser (travel size) – Primark 50p
  • Portable phone charger – Lidl £6
  • Small purse – Primark £1 (sale item)
  • Small makeup bag – Savers £1.50
  • Compact mirror doubles up as a compact hair brush – Savers £1
  • Twist up lid water bottle – Robert Dyers £2.99 (sale item)

I’m sure there’s more items that I will need to add to my kit as I become more of an experienced commuter but for now my bag is packed and I’m ready for my new experience.

Look out for my next blog post about the make up items inside my commuters makeup bag to save myself some time in the morning.